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Your personal professional gardener.

myPot makes plant care easy and smooth. Just set your favorite plant into myPot and add water.
myPot will keep your plant strong and happy from now on. Whatever happens.

Knows everything about your plants

myPot is incredibly smart. It knows what your cactus desires. And your ficus. And even monstera. And more than 3000 plant species which may appear in your home. That’s why myPot will select appropriate care mode for your plant based on its needs in watering, lightning, temperature and moisture.

Works without reminders and day-offs

myPot will water your plant in time with required amount of water. It can work up to 40 days without recharging. Meanwhile its water supply is enough to water your plant throughout a month. Four sensor units monitor all vital factors for your plants day and night. Your interaction is not required. No worries. Only pleasure.

Do you still think it's just a pot?

myPot is exceptional. It lets you know your favorite houseplant better. It tells you all the most important information in a friendly mobile app. And gives you some useful tips.

How myPot works

You need to make a few simple steps. First put your plant in a pot and add water in the tank. Then download the myPot app on your smartphone and select your plant from the reference list in the app. From this point on, myPot will start to analyze soil moisture level, temperature, sunlight level and the amount of oxygen released by your plant.

The app contains a reference guide with information about more than 3000 plant species, so myPot will choose the ideal care mode for your plant. myPot regularly syncs with the app, so you can check the info about your plant anytime. In the app you can select one of the myPot operating modes - standard or energy efficient.

Technical characteristics

Material: ABS
Height - 22 cm (9 in.), width - 22 cm (9 in.)
Connection via Bluetooth 4.0
Pot size: 14 cm (5,6 in.) x 13 cm (5,2 in.)
Water tank: 1,6 liter (0,42 gal.)
Sensors: moisture, sunlight, temperature
Battery: Li-Ion
App: myPot for iOs & Android
App languages: English, Russian
Set includes: myPot, miniUSB cable, manual
Weight: 1 kg
Warranty period - 12 month
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